The Cause

"For ere this the tribes of men lived on earth remote and free from ills and hard toil and heavy sickness which bring the Fates upon men; for in misery men grow old quickly. But the woman (Pandora) took off the great lid of the jar with her hands and scattered all these and her thought caused sorrow and mischief to men. Only Elpis (Hope) remained there in an unbreakable home within under the rim of the great jar, and did not fly out at the door; for ere that, the lid of the jar stopped her, by the will of Aigis-holding Zeus who gathers the clouds."

-Hesiod, Works & Days (trans. Evelyn-White)

Leading up to the eventual December 2020 launch, the Elpis boat will be used for fundraising and even a few publicity rows such as a row down the Charles for the Head of the Charles Regatta, or to take kids out into Boston Harbor on short trips. Elpis's journey across the Atlantic will be used as a fundraising event for childhood cancer care and research, and donors will be encouraged to engage in dollar-per-mile sort pledges.

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