Elpis: Four men rowing for hope.

Meet the Team

Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller of Boston holds current record for the fastest American to row across the Atlantic, and will captain the boat.

Andreas Tilelis

Andreas Tilelis is a multinational, Balkan and world champion in rowing, and will serve as first mate.  

Nikolas Maggitsis

Nikolas Maggitsis of Greece is a two-time climber of Mt. Everest.

Alexander Ferreria

Alexander Ferreria of Brazil is South America’s CB Surf long distance champion.


In December 2020, a team of four rowers will attempt to set the record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the shortest time while raising awareness and support for the treatment of childhood cancer.  Sponsors and donors could follow the team on a day-by-day basis using satellite phones and video content to engage audiences during the voyage.  Further, because there is such a long buildup to the eventual December 2020 launch the boat could be used for fund raising and even a few publicity rows such as a row down the Charles for the Head of the Charles Regatta or to take kids out into Boston Harbor on short trips.


The team will be requesting sponsor support over the summer and early fall of 2019 to help with the costs related to the construction of the boat.  Sponsors will be able to put their logos on Elpis.  Spindrift (www.spindriftrowing.com) will be responsible for designing and construction of Elpis.  The Elpis will take roughly 4-5 months to complete and outfit.  The team will make several trips to practice and work out any detail in the spring of 2020.  During the summer and fall of 2020, the team will go on a publicity tour to help promote the cause and support the sponsors.  In December of 2020, Elpis will be delivered to Gran Canaria, a Spanish island off the coast of Morocco where it will launch from Playa de Mogan when favorable weather conditions arise.  Elpis will cross the Atlantic in under 30 days and arrive in Barbados. The team will be available for various publicity events before and after the race.

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